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Drunk Driving Accident Injures in St. Petersburg, FL

If you are injured or lose your loved ones because another person made a series of horrible decisions and drives a vehicle drunk, call us. Are you or your loved ones dealing with this tragic situation right now? At the personal injury law firm of Jeanette J. Scor, PA, we will give you the help you need so that you will be compensated appropriately. We’re aggressive when it comes to pursuing cases against the selfish drunk driver who changed your life forever. They do not deserve to continue on without a care in the world.
The bars and restaurants who overserve the alcohol do not get a pass either. They might want to make more revenue and tips off their customers, but they don’t always consider the harmful consequences. We pursue all avenues available to you throughout the case. The reckless and impulsive actions of these drivers should result in harsh consequences. You or your loved ones are the innocent parties. The law can’t put your life back to before the injury or death happened, but it can help you start to rebuild after the fact.
Navigating the legal system when you’re in pain, shock or grief is not something you should take on by yourself. The law office of Jeanette J. Secor, PA will stand at your side throughout the entire process. We have extensive experience in personal injury cases involving drunk drivers, and we do everything that must be done to get the best outcome for you or your loved ones.
Call us immediately if you are injured by a drunk driver or one of your loved ones is injured or killed in the incident. The consultation is free, and we will let you know how we can help. We often see that the drunk driver gets away with fewer injuries than the sober victims. They might even convince themselves that it wasn’t a big deal. The personal injury law firm at Jeanette J. Secor, PA is known for winning our drunk driving cases, and we’re committed to your success.
Let us take the necessary steps to try to get your case won and over.